Sustainable Innovation Company "Eksponente"

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Sustainable Innovation Company "Eksponente" was established in 1994 with purpose to establish Lithuania wind power branch. With support of Norwegian electricity entity Nord-Trondelag electricity board and Norwegian research fund wind measurement equipment was installed on Baltic Sea coast in Butinge. Made measurement assured, that here is enough of wind for wind power development in Lithuania. Together with Latvian and Estonian wind energy developers we created Baltic Wind energy map in 2003 year. Lithuania wind energy association was established in 2002. More as 1000 businessmen were teached to design and implement wind and solar power projects. Our initiated and prepared Law on Lithuanian renewable energy was accepted by Seimas in 2011. Set auctions order enabled to establish more as 580MW of wind power, which covers now around 15% of consumed electricity in Lithuania. Offshore wind energy we are developing from 2002. 18% of Lithuanian marine economic zone are appropriate for offshore wind power parks. Prepared offshore general plan provides areas for exclusive marine activities. Nowadays Ministry of Energy is working on preparing auctions conditions for further tenders, which is awaiting in 2020-2021 years. We still teaching students in Klaipeda university master degree on subject of offshore wind energy. We propose our service in preparing of offshore wind power projects for further tenders.

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