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    Poland, 81-572 Gdynia, Górnicza 43
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    PAŁASZ MARINE PROJEKT: Tradition. Experience. Passion. SHIP HULL DESIGN OFFICE with great experience and higly-qualified project team. Prepared to make documentation and calculations from the general part of the project. The scope of work also includes the process of approval at the Owner and in the Classification Society. While respecting all the required shipyard norms and standards, PAŁASZ MARINE PROJEKT place special emphasis on the quality of the services they provide. Member of Polish-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

    Cemet Ltd. Sp. z o.o.

    Poland, 80-051 Gdańsk, Sandomierska 34
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    CEMET Ltd. - a contract manufacturer. Since 1990 in steel fabrication business. 120 experienced and open for new challenges people. Operating in industries: Maritime, Subsea, Offshore, Metallurgy, Automotive, Infrastructure, Energy

    SeaTerra Polska Sp Z o.o

    Poland, 70-535 Szczecin, Kurza Stopka 2/2
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    Marine Geophysics, EOD services, offshore clearance, offshore survey, surveying in rivers, lakes and ports, UXO drone survey, clearance on land, survey on land