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    BALTIC SEA & SPACE CLUSTER is a key Cluster in the Baltic Sea Region and important sea and space cluster in the EU, an active maritime and space cluster player in Central and Eastern Europe as well as a member of the United Nation Global Compact and The European Cluster Collaboration Platform. The BALTIC SEA & SPACE CLUSTER focuses on transferring knowledge in Innovative Marine Technologies area and organizing business, science and administration cooperation in a global and regional scale. The cluster thinks globally and acts globally. The cluster was an active participant in the European Maritime Day 2019 with Prof. Marek Grzybowski, Cluster Manager, presentation: Using the triple helix model in clusters and internationalisation. The impact of investments in/through the cluster on the wider region and sea basin. WORKSHOP: Acting together in a regional ecosystem.

    Ostseestaal GmbH & Co. KG

    Germany, 18439 Stralsund, An der Werft 17
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    Ostseestaal is a technology leader in 3D cold forming of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and special alloys such as Nickel 36 (INVAR). We deliver tailor-made products and solutions on time and quality. We are industry leaders in the world market for shipbuilding, industry, renewable energies, architecture and in the aerospace industry. A modern machine park and continuously trained employees guarantee turnkey products of the highest quality. We are your competent contact for: • FIT-TO-MEASURE KITS FOR YACHT AND SHIPBUILDING • ARCHITECTURE • RENEWABLE ENERGY • ELECTRIC SOLAR SHIPS FROM AMPERESHIP • AEROSPACE • INDUSTRIAL & OFFSHORE COMPONENTS

    JSC SIDC Group

    Lithuania, 93290 Klaipeda, Minijos str. 159
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    Founded in 2010, SIDC LT key areas of specialization: construction, shipbuilding and modernization, manufacture of offshore metal structures, project management. Our team has a long-term experience in constructing heavy industrial facilities across a broad range of specialized market segments. This experience made it possible to offer integrated construction solutions for several of the world’s leading industries, oil & gas, or energy production companies. Starting with planning, engineering and manufacture, up to installation and maintenance, SIDC LT covers the entire industrial pipeline construction domain in all nominal widths and for a large number of different needs. Be it highly heat-resistant steels for the live steam pipes in power plants, or high-quality alloyed steels for the transport pipes of the chemical industry – top qualified employees and the latest equipment guarantee the perfect realisation of your plans.

    Navimor International sp. z o.o.

    Poland, 81-752 Sopot, Chopina 6
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    The company specialized in the design and production of complete fishing and research-fishing vessels and steel marine constructions, mainly equipped modules, blocks, sections of ship's hull, deckhouses and complete hulls. Navimor International is specialized in the realization of large-scale investments such as educational centers, shipyards, ports, logistics and industrial centers in Europe and Africa.In the beginnig the company specialized in exports of ships, ship structures and ship equipment, mainly to the customers in Africa. Later the company acquired new customers from Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

    Stocznia Wisła sp. z o.o.

    Poland, 80-643 Gdańsk, Przełom 21
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    Stocznia Wisla is the producer of ships and ships modules, specializes in the design and production of modern vessels, including fishing vessels, special purpose vessels and training and research vessels. The specialization of the Shipyard is the construction of fishing vessels, training and research vessels and small passenger ships. In Stocznia Wisła, over 150 vessels of various types and purposes have been built for clients in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Shipyard has unique know-how and achievements in the design and construction of vessels suitable to work in tropical waters.