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Andrew Frost Solutions is a distributor of wireless intelligent monitoring systems. Serves both small and individual customers, yachts&boat owners, charters companies as well as large, multi-site and global marinas and local harbors. We are the recommended distributor of the following companies: GreenParrot, Xeelas, Hongdian, Aranet, Miratag, Kelvyn GmbH, TakeTask, Sigfox and IdriveGlobal. In Poland, we are the exclusive partner of Sense4Boat, MarinaCloud, Marina Jacht Gdańsk and Sailing Factory.
  • In Poland, we are the exclusive partner of Jacht Marina Gdańsk, Sense4Boat, MarinaCloud and Sailing Factory.
Our projects
  • Sense4boat

  • Sigfox

  • MarinaCloud

  • Jacht Marina Gdańsk

We are a distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of IoT devices and platforms for telemetry systems. We implement innovative solutions in the field of wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring solutions on the Polish market. Our initial goal was to develop a temperature monitoring system for yachts & boats. However, we quickly expanded our sensor portfolio to monitor other parameters in a wider range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, agriculture, warehousing and transportation.

  • he devices offered by Andrzej give a lot of peace to yacht owners. A yacht is standing in the marina when the owner is away. Electronics keep watch. There is one more thing - these solutions are not expensive. How is it pricing of your restful sleep? I h...
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