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BOATS BUILT FOR GENERATIONS For decades we have strived to build the best aluminium boats that the world has ever seen. One guiding principle has followed us throughout our journey: Always be absolutely uncompromising in regards to materials and construction. A CLEAR GOAL Quality. A word with as many meanings as it has nuances. For us, quality is about building boats that create memorable moments. That take you from A to Z, from adventure to relaxation and everything in between. Year after year. We doubt you will want to sell your Anytec boat in the future, but you should be happy to know that our boats retain the vast majority of their value even when they are resold. Not only are our boats built in such a way that it will look and feel new year after year, they also garner a lot more attention on the market that boats from other manufacturers. WE ARE PROUD We never bolt anything together, we weld everything. What this means is that you'll be buying a boat that lasts, even if driven in rough seas. Marine aluminium is a fantastic material. While it does require us to only have the very best welders on hand, it also means we can build faster, more manouverable boats.

We're proud to build the worlds' best aluminium boats. Each boat is built by hand. Each weld and detail inspected to ensure that our boats are of the highest quality from stem to stern.

DRIVING PLEASURE FROM THE GROUND UP We strive to build the worlds best experience machines. Boats that allow you to meet and overcome any and all challenges you might face on the sea. To achieve our goals we've set the bar high, not just within our own development and manufacturing teams but also by only partnering with suppliers that share our vision and who deliver the same qualitative properties.

FULLY WELDED MARINE ALUMINIUM Aluminium. A perfect material in many respects. It’s light and dense. Strong and robust. But not all aluminium is made equal. We use a special alloy in our boats that gives us maximum strength and outstanding characteristics in marine environments. Its unique composition makes it particularly well suited to structures subjected to major mechanical stresses

SAFE NAVIGATION Our boats are equipped with lightning fast navigation system from Simrad Yachting. Easy to use touch-screens guides you to your destination without hassle and ensures safe navigation on any sea. Besides the basic systemet with plotter and antenna there are also several extras such as broadband radar and GoFree Wireless. Whether you're navigating in search of adventures or relaxation, you'll get there in no time at all with the help of Simrad navigation system.

M400 - PATENTED SURFACE TREATMENT Our patented surface treatment system M400 is applied in the production of all Anytec boats by skilled and certified workers. The surface treatment covers all aluminium surface above the water line and strengthens the already impressive innate properties of the aluminium.

So how does it work? In simple terms, the M400 treatment binds to the aluminium through a chemical process after it is applied. The surface treatment helps bind the ions inside the aluminium that normally create oxidation. This results in a glass-like shield that protects against salt water and UV-rays. Because the treatment is bonded to the aluminium it is very resistant external effects.

Gentle maintenance. Dirt and corrosive material has a hard time sticking to the hull, which makes for an aesthetically pleasing surface with increased durability. The chemical bond of the treatment means that it cannot chip like paint or be washed away like an oil. In summary this means that your boat will be easy to wash. Clean water and a gentle detergent are all that is needed to keep the treated aluminum in good condition.

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