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Joint Stock Company AVEC is the developer of offshore wind energy projects in Lithuania from 2002 year.
  • UAB AVEC is opened for cooperation in large scale projects, related offshore wind energy in Lithuanian exclusive free economic zone, especially with OWE development and investment firms.
Our projects
  • Lithuania and Baltic OWE development projects: AVEC-1 - AVEC-5.

Industrial wind energy is developing in Lithuania from 1993. The wind power economy branch and legislation was created by Lithuanian Wind Energy Association. UAB AVEC is one of oldest offshore wind energy projects developer. Now it works on 5 OWE projects: AVEC-1 - AVEC-5. Company made significant work on preparing Environment assessment  reports in 2 plots and received its approval by local Environment protection department. After Government of Republic of Lithuania will prepare necessary legislation for auctions, AVEC will take part in such tenders together with international partners and investors. Further AVEC-4 and AVEC-5 projects dedicated to establish international Baltic OWE cluster.

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