CO-MADE sp. z o. o.

Poland, 80-516 Gdańsk, Łozy 17 i/3
phone: +48785968242,,
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We have a strong drive to be one of the first Polish companies that can help local players to be a part of the supply chain. That is why we enter the emerging Wind Offshore Market in Poland. On the one hand, we provide full support to Tier 1 suppliers and developers of Offshore Wind Farms. On the other hand, we are making efforts to support local companies interested in becoming suppliers. Our motto is Successful Together and our name means Collaboration Made. You have to know that we strongly believe in these words!

Our team has many years of experience in the production and delivery of steel structures for offshore and industry. Among our experienced professionals you’ll find the experts you need for various project management and project administration tasks. Our involvement helps your company to efficiently manage extensive projects and the entire subcontracting chain in Poland.

We take charge of project supervision and occupational safety in the supply chain.

We take complete responsibility for occupational safety and supervision in the supply chain. We take care of quality assurance at every step of every project. Our inspectors are qualified to participate in global operations. We provide the most skillful professionals for demanding projects.

We take complete responsibility for our services and the work completed by the staff.

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