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RIST is a leading shipyard on the European market. Shipbuilding and maritime constructions are our specialty. We are one of the leaders in the offshore sector. We are successfully performing more and more advanced projects. We have delivered such vessels as the Heavy Maintenance Vessel "VIDAR", the Heavy Lift Jack - Up Vessel "INNOVATION" and the Jack-up Barge "THOR". For more than 2 decades we unite innovativeness with experience.

Incorporated in 1990, initially started as partnership of two very special individuals, advanced to joint stock company in 2010 we are resiliently growing the business ever since.


Shipbuilding, offshore constructions, steel structures, sea engineering, civil engineering – these are the fields we specialize in. We steadily develop and adjust our offer to changing market demands. We are the only shipyard in Europe which has already constructed 3 units for the installation and servicing of sea wind farms.

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