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DESIOS GmbH is a project and engineering office, mainly for electrical and mechanical engineering. Headquartered in Schwerin, the offered scope covers services from consulting, design, planning, engineering, project management, deliveries and supervision up to the integration of different systems and components to a functioning overall system. The field of activity for national and international projects mainly include industry and shipbuilding for all kind of vessels, as well as the renewable energies especially offshore wind energy.
  • SDC Ship Design & Consult GmbH

  • abh Ingenieurtechnik GmbH
Our projects
  • Offshore windfarms Nordergruende, Galloper, Rentel, Baltic2, TBW II, BKR II, Merkur, Hohe See, Albatros

Over the last 5 years DESIOS has delivered the basic, detailed and / or workshop design for the electrical systems on transition pieces for several European offshore wind farms. Adding the lightning protection, earthing and RDS-PP concepts, project management, consulting and inspection services as well as the design, delivery and installation of a water monitoring system and the programming of plcs for the integration of subsystems into the overall windfarm network DESIOS offer a wide range of engineering, design and other services for the offshore wind farm services.

In the shipbuilding industry DESIOS offers engineering, design and delivery of alarm & monitoring systems including remote monitoring of ship's systems as well as engineering and design services for the hybridisation of ship's power networks and propulsion systems. Beside battery backups this includes also the integration of fuel cell technologies. Also engineering & design as well as consultancy services, project management support and onboard surveys regarding the electrical systems onboard ships complete the wide field of services of DESIOS.

The use of high-quality and modern equipment in complex over-all systems like e.g. seagoing vessels, transition pieces or offshore platforms ensure indeed, that all units and installations function properly looking at them individually, but: Do they work well together, too? Are they suitable for their intended use at all? Do you have sufficient experiences and resources to keep track? Can the deadlines and budgets are adhered to?

Also we at DESIOS cannot do everything just by ourselves, but we can ensure that you get everything from one source.

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