e-engineer computer simulation

Poland, 80-172 Gdansk, Trzy Lipy 3
phone: +48587396190, info@e-engineer.eu, www.e-engineer.eu
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e-engineer, it is multidisciplinary, innovative engineering office based in Gdańsk, Poland Innovative consulting in engineering services, product &process development using the up to date computer-aided technology and knoowledge of our experts team, who hold years of international experience. We operate in all areas of industry supporting by our knowledge, experience and technological base customers at each development level of products and/or services. Areas of competence of e-engineer:

1. Service, product, process development based on numerical computative technologies CAD, FEA, CFD, DEM

2. LNG solutions design and optimisation, storage tanks, piping, plants design&optimisation,

 * Concept&feasibility studies,

 * Preliminary CAD&FEA&CFD design,

 * Mechanical&Piping

3. Safety engineering, CFD dispersions, EX, EvaC solutions,

·       * Design and monitoring of safety conditions,

·       * Fire development simulations,

·       * Gas dispersion simulations incl. LNG and LPG,

·       * Smoke exhaust from buildings simulations,

·       * Fire initiation and development,

·        * Evacuation simulations,

·        * Explosion and blast simulations,

  * HAZOP, HAZID, Qra etc.

4. Engineering consultacy in wide range of innovative solutions,

5. Technical&Economical Project Management,

6. Outsourcing of R&D services

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