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In the past several years, Executive Solutions Group have supervised various projects on land and sea. We made great strides and gained impressive working knowledge carrying out complex electrical installations. We never cease to develop and fine tune our internal process, delivering projects and providing our services worldwide. Our experts, managers, electricians and others employees ensure that our work on land, sea and ships meets the industry highest standards and we never miss a deadline. We are committed to providing comprehensive services, which is why we offer design, execution, assembling, maintenance and modernization works.
  • MHI Shipyard - Nagasaki, Japan

  • Nordic Yard - Wismar, Germany

  • Fayard - Munkebo, Denmark

  • Fjelstrand - Omastrand, Norway

  • Mayer Werft - Papneburg, Germany

  • Flensburg - Schiftbau - Gesellschaft,

  • Germany

  • Remontowa SA - Gdańsk, Poland

  • JTWorks-Denmark

  • K16-Iceland

  • IMESA SPA- Italy
Our projects

Executive Solutions Group has been realizing numerous projects both onshore and offshore. Among our successes are: cooperation in establishing BMW and Volvo plants, working onboard the largest passenger ships, construction of many production halls e.g. for Ikea and Jysk, apartment blocks and civic buildings. We realize projects in all parts of the world – from Japan to Island and the United States. During the years we have accumulated significant knowledge and experience. We render services to ship owners, shipyards, refineries, oil platforms, residence developers and other types of companies realizing construction projects.

We aim to render comprehensive services - we offer design, construction, assembly, maintenance and improvement works. We provide highly qualified, well trained and experienced project managers, team leaders and technicians. Our priority is to realize projects according to the schedule – always on time - and according to the highest quality standards.

We have at our disposal electricians, ship woodworkers, plumbers, welders, insulation workers, pipefitters and scaffolding assemblers.

Our specialists have gained experience in projects around the world. All our employees have completed specialist education, additional trainings in order to improve their qualifications, they hold valid certificates in occupational health and safety, health insurance, SEP, DSB, VCA certificates. We also provide them with additional private insurance policies.

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