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FishFarm Solutions is the mobile laboratory for producers of farmed fish The mission of Fish Farm Solutions is to provide new diagnostic tools dedicated to aquaculture, in particular in fish farms. The company develops a fast and sensitive diagnostic test – FishSensor, for the detection of the most common pathogens in fish cultures. We build and implement a small, portable device that will allow immediate diagnosis on a fish farm.
  • We are looking partners in Scandinavia, especially Norway because company's product is the salmon pathogen diagnostics.

  • Also we are looking partners in Asia where there are farms, e.g. shrimps.

  • Also in Chile, Canada
Our projects
  • Fish Farm Solutions realizes Project FishSensor - research and development works on a pathogens detecting system in fish farms.

  • Validation of FishSensor in Norway

  • In 2020 we performed a successful and positive validation of FishSensor in Norway – our product that detects the SAV virus in the salmon tissues. It is digital, fast and precise. It can be compared to the Real-Time PCR tests as the results showed a high sensitivity of 100% and specificity by a tissue of 94% and by fish of 100%.

  • Our CEO, Katarzyna Pala, along with the crew of Ivanna Zlobenko and Krzysztof Urbański were working hard with our partner LetSea to increase the product’s credibility to bring the best solution for fish farms available on the market.

Our product

Fish farms are currently the fastest growing branch of the food industry. One of the biggest problems in this area is bacterial and viral infections, which cause considerable losses in breeding. Detected too late, they become the cause of the rapidly spreading epidemic. The lack of rapid diagnostic methods causes high economic losses by necessity to liquidate a large number of animals.

We are developing a portable device for in situ diagnostics of fish farm pathogens within few minutes. The test will be as reliable as molecular methods used currently, but much faster and cheaper.

Our technology is based on SensDx - diagnostic testing technologies intended for people and animals, allowing users to accurately identify specific diseases at home.

Interdisciplinary team

FishFarm comprises of an interdisciplinary team of experts specialising in biotechnological, chemical, electrochemical and electronic sciences, IT, production automation and business, including IP protection, technology commercialisation, sales and marketing. We work in line with modern management methods, high quality standards and safety regulations.

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