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TIME TO LIVE THE BEST LIFE YOU CAN MODERN HOUSES ON WATER – FOR LIFE, FOR WORK, FOR RENT Enjoy an exclusive life in a modern retreat on water. Float is a stylish and contemporary floating home for people who want to stand out from the crowd and live a life less ordinary. With Float, you get the perfect balance of life-on-board experience with the comfort you expect from a luxury apartment


Float is not built just for today. To make it, we combined the robustness and reliability of yachting materials with the comfort and aesthetics of an onshore home. Packed with smart solutions – big ones like modular components to expand FLOAT if needed, and details hidden inside such as the patented reversible bathroom. All to make effective use of the space and create a truly unique place to be. Built for a lifetime’s use.


Refined without being pretentious, with crisp contemporary lines taking inspiration from a leaf floating on water, FLOAT presents a bold and confident vision of the future. Floor to ceiling windows allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of your surroundings, and the outside deck is perfect to dip your toes in the water and enjoy the sunset or a lazy Sunday coffee. Its modern and clean style sets a new standard of life on the water – open to the ever-changing scenery outside so that you can wake up every day to a magnificent view.


The interior of the boat is focused on a modern, comfortable life. Comfort and the use of space combine with stylish design, creating the perfect mix of luxury apartment and privacy, space and freedom that you expect from living on the water.

The effect of the thoughtful design is a spacious living room, two large bedrooms and a comfortable bathroom. FLOAT can be equipped in high-class electronic equipment, thanks to which the flat on board will be as comfortable as the latest technology allows. Home cinema, smart home systems, music equipment – You choose, we’ll install it.

In addition, all this can be available in the ECO version. Natural materials of interior finishing, energy and drive thanks to photovoltaic panels, water from own treatment plant, heating from wood-burning fireplace. It makes FLOAT a self-sufficient unit, and thus a “real estate” relatively cheap to maintain.


  • Individual interior design depending on your needs – one large room or two-bedroom living room, each with its own bathroom
  • The modular design of the laminate allows you to choose from three available boat lengths (10.5m, 12.7m, 14.9m)
  • Possible individual adaptations / designs of the body and interior
  • Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows along both side walls of FLOAT
  • Innovative, compact bathroom with toilet and wash basin tilted from the wall
  • Hybrid power supply: solar panels or a power generator
  • The size of fuel and water tanks depending on the needs
  • On the floor, the authorial “milk & wood” spout, or natural boards flooded with a milk epoxy spout
  • Fully equipped kitchen including a dishwasher, a microwave oven, an induction cooker and a proprietary sink with a mill
  • Bar with grill and fridge at the cockpit
  • Loggia with a floating gangway
  • Programmable LED lighting with a welcome motif illuminating the interior
  • Widescreen television with a size of 43 inches

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