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Info Marine specializes in diagnostics in marine, oil&gas industry. We have over 16 years of experience along with thousands of measurements and analysis.
  • Vibration diagnostics - Using vibration diagnostic tools we can indicate condition of machinery without its opening, diagnose problems and recommend solutions, along with reports.

  • Hull / Local structure vibration diagnostic - We can diagnose structural problems, local resonance, ME speed ranges that adversely affect hull vibration.

  • Main and aux engine diagnostic – We can discover problems with firing timing, fuel injection system, piston’ rings, valves, etc; problems with engine’s efficiency.

  • Dynamic and / or static electric motor test – Dynamic: test of performance and parameters of a motor, e.g. damages of motor’s rotor bars; Static: thorough test of motor’s windings, e.g. test after rewinding.

  • Shaft displacement measurements - We can determine shape of the shaft’s orbit, to ensure that the shaft during rotation is not rubbing bearing shells causing its wear.

  • Noise & vibration measurements in accommodation and working areas – we perform noise measurements according to class notation.

  • Alignment of equipment and balancing on site - When it is needed, we can measure and align machinery (e.g. pumps, fans, compressors, generators) or balance fans.

  • Thermographic survey - We perform thermographic inspection of electric boards, switches etc., also rotating machinery.
Our projects

We combine our huge knowledge of marine equipment along with effective system for filtration of environmental signal to bring out what’s wrong with specific machinery to indicate the real source of problem.

All analysis are done by our experienced specialists in vibration diagnostics. They can recognize problems such as: unbalancing, misalignment, damage of couplings, wear down of gear, ungreased bearings, loosen components and more.

On board diagnostics are performed by our field engineers that can perform measurements according to our high standards recognized by ISO9001:2008 and Class specifications.

Our Goal is to provide high quality services that meet customer requirements and fulfill high standards determined by us and conformed by ISO9001:2008 (DNV Business Assurance).

We want you to benefit from our work and make vessels operation safer, cleaner and more economical.

What could be your profits:

  • Recognizing equipment’s conditions without opening
  • Planning system of maintenance and overhauling basing on results
  • Planning works for dry docking
  • Prevention against unexpected damage of equipment
  • Reduction of equipment maintenance costs
  • Reduction of frozen money in spare parts stored on board
  • Extending life of particular parts basing on prolonged service time
  • Possibility to apply for CBM approved by Class
  • Periodical measuring can confirm/change PMS schedule
  • Engine timing control
  • Fuel consumption optimization
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