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Poland, 81-310 Gdynia, Slaska 35/37
phone: +48 3505993, fax: +48587463395, sekretariat@kancelaria-gdynia.eu, www.kancelaria-gdynia.eu
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The Mateusz Romowicz Legal Consultancy was established in 2006 by Mateusz Romowicz. The consultancy began life by offering legal consultation to natural persons - especially Polish seafarers and maritime workers - and to a variety of companies. Over time, the consultancy has extended its activities and now provides a broad range of legal services for numerous Polish and foreign entities. A new logotype, "Legal Marine Mateusz Romowicz", was introduced in 2013 to stress the consultancy's core specialities: maritime law, seafarer's taxes, seafarer's compensation and the legal support of seafarers, shipowners, shipbuilders and wind offshore. The Mateusz Romowicz Legal Consultancy offers a wide range of multi--faceted and comprehensive legal services for corporate clients. The model of cooperation with the Consultancy offered was developed to meet the needs of small, medium and large enterprises operating in different organisational and legal structures around the world. The services provided by the Consultancy seek to minimise the legal and tax risks, taking into account the client's needs aimed at building long-term business relationships with business partners and recipients of services. Thanks to this approach to legal services for entrepreneurs, the Consultancy is a reliable partner in creating a safe legal environment for businesses. If you decide to use the Consultancy's services, you will receive, among other things, comprehensive legal services for the economic processes in progress, in all the areas and stages of their implementation that are important to the entrepreneur.
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Our projects
  • Since 2019 the Law Office is a member of Polish Maritime Technology Forum.

  • Since 2020 Mateusz Romowicz (attorney-at-law and the owner) is coordinator of Autonomous Ships' Initative Group.

  • Mateusz Romowicz is author of over 400 publications on law in the specialist press.

The consultancy's mission is to offer a comprehensive and high-calibre legal service conducted to meet the needs of Clients operating on increasingly dynamic international markets. We work together with our Clients by understanding the detailed nature of their work or of the business their company is in. The consultancy strives in providing its services to create a secure legal environment for companies involved in maritime businesses. The Consultancy consistently ensures that all orders are carried out in a timely manner and at the highest professional level.

An important aspect of the services we provide is our response speed, and the awareness that we may not - at any stage - block business decisions in an unjustified manner. To ensure efficient communication with the Consultancy, each client is assigned a lawyer who is responsible for getting to know the specifics of the client's business operations and for ensuring efficient communication between the Consultancy and the client.

The team of legal advisers, lawyers and trainee legal advisers at the consultancy work to ensure that Clients receive legal services that are comprehensive, prompt and professional.

The consultancy provides legal services in Polish, English and German.

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