Marine Research Institute of Klaipėda University

Lithuania, 92294 Klaipėda, Universiteto av. 17
phone: +37046398834,
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The Marine Research Institute is a subdivision of Klaipėda University, conducting fundamental and applied research on marine and coastal environment and maritime technologies.

Klaipeda University Marine Research Institute (KU MRI)  unites leading experts and state-of-the-art facilities devoted for marine research, technology development and innovation. It has a multidisciplinary experience and capacity in a spectrum of different activities including environmental research and technology, ecosystem management, preparation and implementation of environmental monitoring programs, spatial planning, environmental impact assessment, integrated coastal zone management, preparation of nature management plans,  environmental education activities, research and improvement of waterborne transport efficiency and ecological parameters, analysis of complete spectre of topics including fuels, engine and hull design and environmental performance, testing of static and dynamic mechanical properties of materials and structures, diagnostics and monitoring of rotating machinery, dynamic rotor balancing and thermovision, providing non-destructive testing services.

KU MRI at the same time aims to facilitate science, study and business cooperation, based on high-level scientific knowledge and the up-to-date open access research infrastructure (research vessel and laboratories). The wide spectra of research groups cover Coastal and Marine Management, Modelling, Environmental Remote Sensing and Water Quality, Waterborne Transport and Air Pollution, Modern Engineering Systems, Biological Invasions and Environmental Genetics, Benthic Habitat Ecology, Plankton, Aquatic Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Functioning, Aquatic Resources, Fisheries and Aquaculture and others. Its research competences and the up-to-date open access research infrastructure ensure KU MRI capacities for excellent research and innovation.

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