Mariteksa Ship Services Co.

Lithuania, LT-91260 Klaipeda, Tilzes 49
phone: +370 687 41819, fax: +370 46 383320,
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MARITEKSA is Quality Ship Stores Supplier and Service Provider in Baltic Sea Ports. We are ISO 9001 approved company, Members of ISSA (International Ship Suppliers Association), SHIPSERV TradeNet #68358
  • Worldwide Shipping Companies,

  • Ship Owners,

  • Ship Managers

  • Shipyards,

  • Catering Companies
Our projects

Ship Supply Services:

     - Provision, bonded, deck, engine, cabin stores, safety equipment;

     - Charts & publications;

     - Razor Barbed wire and anti-piracy items;

     - Hatch Cover Tapes/seals: Ram-Nek, Gulfseal, Maritape.

     - Marine Chemicals, Oxygen and acetylene refill;

     - Range of Valves for Marine Industry;

     - JIS Air Ventilation Heads;

     - Rubber packing for hatch covers and ships doors;

     - Hatch cover spare parts;

     - Pipe repair sets;

     - NoSpray Anti Splashing tapes;

     - Navigation lights & lamps, electrical spare parts;

     - Wencon ApS, Shell Oil products;

     - Gas Measurement Instruments;

     - Marine paints & painting equipment.

Ship Repair Services:

     - Inspection, testing and repair of life saving and fire

       fighting equipment;

     - Steering gear, mechanical, navigational, refrigerating and air

       conditioning equipment repair;

     - Welding, repair and replacement of pipes and tubes;

     - Electric motor rewinding;

     - Cargo holds cleaning.

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