Maritime University of Szczecin

Poland, 70-500 Szczecin, Wały Chrobrego 1-2
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The Maritime University of Szczecin carries out scientific activities in the field of technical and economic sciences. Our aim is to take the most promising ideas forward through intellectual property rights (IPR) licensing, new venture creation and consultancy.
  • We invite you to cooperate with us on joint research and development projects and research services.

  • The main inventive focuses at the Maritime University of Szczecin are mechanical engineering, civil engineering, transport and materials science.

  • We carry out national and international projects as well as commissioned work for business, particularly in the areas of:

  • - Shipping safety;

  • - Diagnostics of machinery and equipment and selected off-shore facilities;

  • - Optimization of selected operating parameters and positioning systems;

  • - Effects of ship and vessel collisions with water infrastructure objects;

  • - Application of EGNOS system in the maritime area;

  • - Simulations of electrical equipment optimization systems;

  • - Operation of ship engine rooms, motor yachts and power systems;

  • - Modern composite and structural materials;

  • - Recycling technology and technology;

  • - Marine oils and fuels;

  • - Air pollution, NOx and SOx emissions;

  • - Use of biofuels in small marine engines;

  • - Intermodal and inland waterway transport (operation of ports and maritime fleet and container terminals);

  • - Intelligent transport systems;

  • - Logistics (in the European Transport System) and Management (Industrial Energy Systems, production and service quality, innovation, organizational safety and human resources);

  • - Geodesy, navigation, hydrography;

  • - Ocean engineering;
Our projects

To date, the Maritime University of Szczecin has successfully completed over 80 scientific, research and development projects. These include domestic and international projects, with a total value of nearly 80 million Polish zlotys. The university has established long-term scientific and research cooperation with at least 15 countries. It has experience implementing projects (co-)financed by the European Union, at the national level (operational programs such as Regional Operational Program, Smart Growth Operational Program), and international level (programs: Horizon 2020, EURATOM, 7th Framework Programme, Interreg Baltic Sea Region, Interreg Sea Baltic, COST, Era Net etc.), as well as other international programs involving stakeholder countries such as Bonus or Norway Grants. Within the structures of the Maritime University of Szczecin, the Centre for Innovation coordinates the activities of individual research teams in order to obtain external funds for R&D projects. The Centre handles matters related to the provision of research services by the University to business entities. In addition, it coordinates the collaboration of scientists with businesses by promoting the intellectual and technical potential of the University. This facilitates commercialization of results, developmental work or know-how related to research findings.

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