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Since 1971, we have been designing and building fine sailing yachts that offer a balanced mix of performance, comfort and security at sea. Designed as ocean-going yachts that can be handled by two people, every Najad is fully capable of sailing around the world. You may be sailing closer to shore, but it´s good to know that your yacht will take care of you whatever the conditions. Combine these qualities with beautiful design and exemplary craftmanship and you have the perfect yacht for those who demand the very best.

We always design the yacht around you.

When you choose Najad, you have the opportunity to put your mark on one of the most enjoyable investments in your life. Together with or team of top competence in all areas of boatbuilding, you can personalize your yacht to become a personal statement. An expression of individuality and style linked to your needs on board.

The Najad brand stands for quality, robust design, craftmanship and comfort. The yachts are true blue water cruisers with an unprecedented attention to details, safety, and user friendliness. Everything from the design process to the naval architect work of the yachts are carefully thought thru. The yachts are easy to keep in the best condition due to the very high build standard. If you are looking for the best overall yacht in the 40 to 60 feet range then Najad is the obvious choice for you. Many thanks for your attention and please enjoy the Najad experience.

The Najad Heritage On the island of Orust boat-building tradition is very strong and can be traced back to at least the 12th entry. Since 1971 Najad has made dreams come true creating yachts that combines excellent sailing with timeless design and a strong sense of craftsmanship. With over 2,000 yachts successfully launched to date, Najad has become one of sailing´s most acclaimed brand names.

Superb Design At Najad we are in a constant design process refining, improving, and enhancing our yachts to bring even greater pleasure and an even better sailing experience. Throughout the process however, we never lose sight of the essential qualities of a Najad, which have earned us such an enviable reputation.

Quality Without Compromise While the quality of furniture is one of the most visible examples of our uncompromising attitude to perfection. It´s “behind the scenes” where the true quality of a Najad stands out. From safety to electrical systems and engines, each Najad is specified to offer a safe and secure and comfortable platform that offer peace in mind and superb reliability allowing you to enjoy your sailing life with confidence.

Comfort and Practicality The philosophy behind Najd yachts is that they should be fully capable of sailing around the world, and be equipped and engineered to handle all types of conditions and environments. By following the principle that ‘everything should be better than it needs to be’, a Najad is a joy to own and sail. Whatever situation you find yourself in, from a ‘live-onboard’ lifestyle to an Atlantic crossing, your Najad will support and look after you.

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