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The company specialized in the design and production of complete fishing and research-fishing vessels and steel marine constructions, mainly equipped modules, blocks, sections of ship's hull, deckhouses and complete hulls. Navimor International is specialized in the realization of large-scale investments such as educational centers, shipyards, ports, logistics and industrial centers in Europe and Africa.In the beginnig the company specialized in exports of ships, ship structures and ship equipment, mainly to the customers in Africa. Later the company acquired new customers from Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East.
  • W are looking partners interested in providing them comprehensive and reliable solutions for the maritime sector.
Our projects
  • Multipurpose shrimp trawlers for Angola

  • Navimor International delivered four modern multipurpose fishing trawlers type MFV 208.06 "33.8m L.O.A. Outrigger & Stern Trawler" type "Alistado". The vessels are designed for catching shrimps and other demersal species by deep water stern trawling and outrigging operations in tropical waters. They are equipped with modern processing area and freezing system, meeting all current European Union sanitary and veterinary regulations.

  • Fishery – research vessel Bayagbona for Nigeria

  • NAVIMOR International and WISŁA Shipyard have jointly designed, built and delivered to the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research a modern multi-purpose fishery and oceanographic research vessel R/V Bayagbona. The vessel was built at WISLA Shipyard, under the supervisions of Bureau Veritas.

  • Multipurpose trawlers WKR25 for Nigeria

  • WKR-25 Multipurpose fishing trawler, 25m length. It was designed for catching fish and shrimps in sub-tropical and tropical waters. Over 30 units were delivered Iran, Nigeria and other African countries. Multipurpose shrimper WKR-25 is a widely known unit in the west African coastal waters .

  • Training ship Horyzont II for Marine Academy.

  • This modern ship has been designed and equipped with sophisticated equipment in order to allow it to perform versatile functions:

  • • Research – vessel is designed to allow for conducting internal GMU scientific programs, as well as various sea research projects during its regular voyages;

  • • Didactic – thanks to the multiplied training stands on the bridge, spacious engine control room and on-board lecture class-room the vessel allows for conducting on-board all types of marine training for both GMU and external students

  • • Transport – vessel is capable of transporting two 20’ feet containers; thanks to this feature it is used for regular supplies of provisions and equipment for Polish polar stations in the Arctic; the containers may be used also as portable research laboratories;

  • • Tourist – thanks to high standard of accommodation spaces, spacious mess room and club on-board “HORYZONT II” may be used for tourist escapades, depending on the availability of free accommodation.

  • The vessel has obtained the ice class, which allows it to perform its regular sailings to Spitsbergen island in the Arctic Ocean. The purpose of these voyages is to supply the provisions and equipment to Polish research polar stations and at the same time to train on-board the students of Gdynia Maritime University.

  • Navimor International has delivered series of ship modules for helicopter carriers type Mistral under the contract signed with DCN Brest Shipyard.

  • Navimor International together with WISLA Shipyard build and deliver, hull modules to our main customer MEYER WERFT shipyard, which builds the largest and most luxurious passenger cruisers for the key players in the cruise market, such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Int., AIDA Cruises, Royal Cruise Line, Dream Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Star Cruises.

  • During 15 year lasting co-operation we have built for Meyer Weft over hundred ship modules of different types starting from double bottom modules through the volume bottom modules, and ending with the bow bulb and bow thrusters modules.

  • Establishment and management of Lagos State Ferries Services and delivery of ferries in CKD system.

  • Delivery of packages of machinery and marine equipment.

Shipbuilder and cubcontraktor

Modern fishing vessels, training & research vessels, offshore support vessels; as well as high quality outfitted ship’s and offshore modules

Maritime projects development

Construction of ports, shipyards, maritime structures, training facilities, including concept, design, procurement, installation and comprehensive project management services

Management and technology

Assistance in preparation of development programs, financing, technical management services, know-how & technology transfer projects

Company common project in recent years include among others fishery and oceanographic research vessel m/v Bayagbona built for the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research,which was honored by the title of the most modern ship produced by Polish shipping industry. W have also built modern research vessel for Maritime Academy in Gdynia - Horyzont II.


We have delivered modern fishing vessels for Ministry of Fisheries in Angola,fishing trawlers for Swedish and Norwegian clients.


The highly competent shipbuilding staff of Navimor and Wisla Shipyard and constant investments in improvement of the shipbuilding facilities ensure fulfillment of the highest quality standards imposed by our reputable Clients. 


During our activity we have delivered to our Clients passanger and car ferries. One of them was awarded by its own special series of postage stamps.


The highly competent shipbuilding staff of Navimor and Wisla Shipyard and constant investments in improvement of the shipbuilding facilities ensure fulfillment of the highest quality standards imposed by our reputable Clients. 

Navimor implemented the largest Polish and European educational investment in Africa consisting of the construction and creation of the Academy of Fisheries and Marine Sciences in Namibe, Angola. The entire investment covers an area of over 80 ha. The scope included the construction of major university buildings with an area exceeding 29,000 m2, a center of navigation simulators, a maritime and fire rescue center, 30 thematic laboratories, a center of ship power plants and many others. Also involved the creation of education programs, organizational concept, IT system for university management, as well as the supply of training and research vessels.

Construction of the NIGERDOCK Shipyard on the Snake Island in Lagos, Nigeria was implemented by Navimor International on the basis of an agreement between the Ministry of Transport in Nigeria and Navimor International.

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