Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.

Poland, 80-416 Gdańsk, al. gen. Józefa Hallera 126
phone: +48 58 346 17 00, fax: fax: +48 58 346 03 92, mailbox@prs.pl, www.prs.pl
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Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. (Polish Register of Shipping) is a classification society providing independent expertise on the international market. PRS offers classification and statutory surveys and certification as well as technical and advisory services. PRS is a member of IACS and holds authorization to act on behalf of 39 maritime administrations.

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. performs activity in many areas.

As a classification society PRS provides supervision and certification for compliance with requirements of PRS own rules for the classification and construction as well as international conventions and codes (IMO, ILO/MLC) and state regulations of:

- sea-going ships and shipowning companies, naval ships, permanent and mobile offshore drilling units, inland vessels, motor boats, yachts, and other vessels,

- steel structures, pipelines and transfer systems as well as land-based objects,

- containers,

- materials and products,

- service firms and manufacturers,

- manning agencies.

Upon appropriate accreditation PRS conducts certification for compliance with EU directives and regulations, certification of welding personnel in scope of PED directive and certification of management systems as well as verification of GHG and MRV.

Within its services PRS also offers technical expertise and advisory.

Having broad experience PRS shares its knowledge by conducting training courses and organizing seminars and conferences.

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