Prąd Serwis Elektryczny Ryszard Nowak

Poland, 80-557 Gdansk, Narwicka 27
phone: +48585590215,
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The PRAD Company has been providing services in the shipbuilding branch since the beginning of its activity (i.e. since 1993) both in the territory of Poland and abroad. The scope of work offered by us includes: designing and installation of complete or partial electrical wiring systems in ships under repair or in new ships under construction fitter’s services for installation of cableways and foundations for electrical equipment fiber-optic cable systems including welding of optical fibers services in measurements of electrical wiring system elements and thermal-imaging inspections prefabrication, delivery, installation of electrical switchboards repair and construction of pipeline elements welding services and installation work in renewal of elements in ships quick readiness of our service & maintenance teams to do the necessary work in emergency cases (the so-called flying squads). ​

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