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SeaData Sp. z o. o. is a polish company, based in Gdynia, specializing in high-quality analytical systems and IoT services. Our professional team delivers custom-made products, tailored to the needs of the clients.

We specialise in the implementation and creation of IT solutions in environmental monitoring and the so-called "Earth observation" (UAV observations, GIS, satellite data processing). Our systems are built based on the IoT devices, sensors of dust and pollution, GIS data, and solutions related to AI and Machine Learning. Furthermore, apart from client data, we integrate into our products public datasets from local environmental agencies, city monitoring systems, and satellite observations.

Our flagship products are:
1. Stationary system of air quality monitoring, working continuously for 24 hours a day.
2. Risk assessment tool for the predictions of possible dusting events and air pollution accumulation due to weather conditions.
3. System of data analysis, visualization and export.
4, Aerial environmental monitoring from drones in cooperation with Camdrone company.

SeaData team has extensive experience in the creation of analytical systems and BigData management. Our aim is to create products that make everyday work easier and make a good use of all the data collected by the company.

Currently offered services:

1. Ground-Based Monitoring of pollution:
A number of devices equipped in sensors of PM10, PM2.5 and noise, installed in the area of interest based on our analysis of the Client's needs. Usually, we install several sensors in the locations most vulnerable to pollution.

2. Regular UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) missions, providing:

- measurement of air pollution, including particulate matter, dangerous gases and other compounds
- generation of detailed, orthomosaic maps of the surface
- aerial inspections and surveys

We designed and created our own device: YetiAir, that collects data about PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations from drones.

3. YetiSense system
Advanced, AI-based analysis of collected data, including:

- visualizations on the map (3D/2D)
- interactive charts and data comparison features
- custom report generation
- email/sms notifications about the exceedances of allowable by law levels of pollutants in ambient air
- data archive

Additional, more sophisticated tools, including:

- Risk Assessment Tool- for risk of dusting prediction, as well as, risk of smog events, based on numerical weather prediction models results and pollution measurements.
- Simple modeling of pollution dispersion, based on 3D data from UAVs.
- Weather Analysis Tool- we issue warnings about weather conditions that might favor pollution accumulation and also enable analysis of collected data together with weather visualization.
- Real-time visualization of the measurements from UAV, together with ground-based monitoring and mobile devices (e.g. in a car). All displayed simultaneously on the map.

Altogether, our system collects a large amount of data that is delivered to our Clients in an easy-to-read and interpret format. Our products make it easier for our clients to plan ahead, avoid the costs associated with environmental pollution and prevent harmful events.

Apart from the above we also started a new, international consortium with Spanish and French SMEs called CORAL. Together we are creating a new, innovative product:

Our goal is to create a digital platform for better data management, optimization of processes and environmental monitoring. The system contains three features, particularly useful for small and medium ports, shipyards and marinas:

1. Interactive database.
The data already collected by the port (various measurements, maps, etc.) and data collected by CORAL from other sources - relevant for port activities (weather forecasts and observations), will be geolocated and accessible through an interactive map. With one click our client will be able to view, analyze and download images, charts, spreadsheets associated with certain areas.

2. Integration of traffic data and application for vessel management.
Data from AIS will be integrated into the system as well. Every vessel in the region will be visible on the map with the information about their arrival, departure, cargo, docking place, etc. - which will be obtained through a new communication system. We will digitalize the old methods of communication between ship-dock operator - port operator (emails, phone calls), provide better communication channels between port actors and create an online reservation system for dock management. A designated app will allow our clients to directly communicate with the vessels, while the IoT network will enable them to check whether the ship is present at the reserved dock.

3. Environmental Monitoring
We will provide solutions for water and air pollution monitoring. Unmanned Surface Vessels, USV will be used to measure concentrations of dangerous pollutants in the water and collect samples. Measurements in the water will be aided by air surveys with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which will also collect data about air quality. Additionally, a buoy and ground-based station will be installed in every port to continuously monitor air and water properties. All of the collected data will be stored and displayed in our platform.

The main idea behind our platform is to digitize data collected by the port, optimize vessel management and provide the port with environmental monitoring solutions. All of those features are provided in one platform, that serves as a single information point for the whole port. It has a huge growth potential and various other datasets can be integrated into it, including satellite images and public measurements. Furthermore, collected information can be used to create AI and ML solutions that will detect anomalies and look for patterns. Our solutions for environmental monitoring are easy to implement and may contribute to the “green” transformation of the ports.
In our platform data analysis, port management and planning of operations are easy and fast. We help ports move into a new direction and digitalize and optimize various processes.

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