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Wismar seaport - We make it portable. We are your reliable partner for logistics in the Baltic Sea region. The central position of Wismar seaport is ideal for north-south traffic between Central Europe and Scandinavia. But this location also plays an important role in the grouping and distribution of goods flows due to its east-west connection to the Baltic States and Russia. This excellent location in terms of traffic geography is supplemented by a fully developed hinterland connection with ample capacity. Modern handling equipment and qualified staff help to forward a wide variety of cargo types quickly and safely. Whether by sea, rail or road - we make it portable.

Vision and mission

As one of the most state-of-the-art logistics companies in the Baltic Sea region we are the economic driving force of the region, responsible and experienced in our line of business, effective and efficient, innovative and customized for every client and every task. We are a team player and a partner for companies on site and around the world.

We are convinced that long-term customer relations grow from a high demand for professionalism, that quality work only becomes excellent when backed by a qualified and motivated team and that every business process carries an unmistakable trademark if national and global trends are recognized and considered in good time. This is what we implement for you at Wismar Seaport day in day out.

Infrastructure and equipment

As the southernmost German Baltic Sea port, Wismar seaport commands an ideal situation for goods flows in the Baltic Sea, in Germany and all of Europe. The north-south traffic between Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Russia and Central Europe meets with excellent connections for roadrail and sea transport here.

Whether by ship or by truck - you will reach your berth and/or your place of transhipment smoothly here.

In addition the easy accessibility of the hinterland makes this location an attractive one for the settling of industrial enterprises. And the real estate on and around the port territory also provides short routes into the direct neighbourhood of companies of international standing.

We are securing our competitiveness for the future and creating more opportunities for you through sizeable investments in infrastructure. To this end we are currently extending Wismar Seaport by a new handling and storage area, a large quay facility as well as multi-functional areas for goods handling, to name but a few.


Nothing moves as swiftly as technical progress. What was done by analog means yesterday is already solved digitally today. This change is all-embracing and omnipresent and it changes the market and society too.

Combined with the right data protection, digitalization also enriches countless processes in transport logistics: Complicated processes give way to hybrid solutions that are retrievable via the cloud. Smart phones or tablet computers enable us to use important real-time information and fully network with each other at the same time. This way we simplify mobility, transport and incoming traffic not only for ourselves, but above all for our customers, service providers and suppliers.

At Wismar Seaport we therefore rely consistently on the digital transformation of our logistics. We thus enhance agility and innovation, efficiency and sustainability - parameters that constitute the future success of our company. In detail this means for us at Wismar Seaport: - using a highly specialized ERP software to plan, check, control and evaluate all value-adding processes - using mobile terminals for performance capture both indoors and out of doors - using digital radio technology - digital fleet management EDI connection with various customers.

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