Strategic Self-Management Institute

Lithuania, 93224 KlaipÄ—da, Baltijos pr.123-61
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Strategic Self-Management Institute is public institution working from 1991in Lithuania, Baltic States and Europe, which mission is scientific research and innovation in all stages of innovation cycle: basis and applied research, development and commercialisation. Created Autor methodologies Virtualics, Anthropogeny, Sociogeny, Technogeny enable to apply its into different fields of human activity. Development modelling virtual tools enable us to exceed a time and support communities and enterprises to innovate its activity towards efficiency and profitability, green, sustainable and smart growth. One of the most significant results of our innovation activity is created and developed Lithuanian wind energy branch, which counts now more as 580MW of wind power. We made all necessary for develop offshore wind energy in Lithuania. Created by Prof. Dr. Stasys Paulauskas Circular economy 3.0 version become universal methodology for decide important nowadays problems, connected to stagnation of economy, disintegration, climate change, etc. Created Blue growth index and its virtual assessment tool enabled to measure the state of Blue growth in South Baltic area. This tool is universal and could be used in different Seas, national maritime economies, clusters and ports. Participating in many international INTERREG, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+ projects we are good partners with large abilities to empower project teams with our high knowledge and abilities to create intellectual products, virtual tools and apply Artificial Intelligence solutions into practice of business and life.

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