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At Tuco Marine Group we specialize in light structures and hulls manufactured with composite materials such as carbon fibre. Tuco supplies a range of different composite structures for the shipping industry and other industries where low weight and strength are important factors.

In 1998 when the company was founded it was a traditional yard and the main business area was sailing boats. Today focus has shifted to the construction of large structures primarily in the commercial maritime sector. The production facilities live up to all legal regulations and to the standards of the different classification companies. The production team at Tuco is a highly skilled and experienced team of boat builders, composites experts and carpenters, which is on a regular basis attending educational training.

At Tuco Yacht Yard, which is part of Tuco Marine Group we offer custom-built ships, but also repairs, maintenance and all kinds of different jobs in composite materials. The work can be performed at Tuco’s facilities in Faaborg or wherever the customer is.

ABOUT PROZERO The ProZero series is a range of fast boats designed specifically for professional use. They are built to endure the harsh conditions of operations on open sea while providing the operator with an ideal work environment. With advanced design and sophisticated application of composites materials, the ProZero series offers the customer significant commercial benefits and enhance overall vessel performance and energy efficiency. The ProZero range covers Offshore, Workboats and vessels for Security & Defense.

FAST BOATS FOR PROFESSIONALS The ProZero vessels represent the cutting edge of a development process that constantly aims to balance technology innovation, customer demands and industry trends. This process took flight in 2002 when Tuco launched the first vessels of the now superseded AluGuard series. These vessels have proven themselves over years of service and have benefitted many satisfied customers. Furthermore, our key proficiencies have been tried, perfected and validated through contributions to several large-scale, both national and international, development projects. The technical, empirical and commercial insights and accomplishments gained during many years in the business have been condensed and applied in our state-of-the-art ProZero vessels. The EU acknowledged the potential of the ProZero concept and granted project funding under the Horizon2020 program. Horizon2020 is the principal EU Research and Innovation program aimed at promoting smart, sustainable and research based European growth.

Quality and safety are fundamental keywords at Tuco Marine Group. When working with composite materials it is crucial that the quality is 100 percent under control.

Our dedicated and skilled employees ensure the high quality in every step of the manufacturing process – right from the selection of materials and quality control when entering the facilities at Tuco to the final approval of the finished product.

Control & Documentation

At Tuco we perform our quality control by running tests and samples of our products and materials on a regular basis through the whole production process. Besides testing the tensile strength and elasticity the hardening values of each molding is measured in order to ensure our high quality.

For each individual project Tuco makes quality papers. Documentation, quality procedures and manuals follow the manufacturing process. The quality papers are specified down to each single subject, gathering, assemblage, molding and surface treatment. Each subject and part is given it’s own number to obtain the highest possible level of traceability. The operator performing the task fills out the papers and at the same time every step is supervised and signed for by the quality inspector assigned to the project. The quality inspector is responsible for the project.

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