UAB Amekus

Lithuania, 92211 Klaipeda, Kretingos str. 24a
phone: +37068072335,,
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AMEKUS engages in business focusing on production of non-standard, oversized metal structures and technological equipment. We are constantly in a search of modern and innovative technical and production based solutions, devote a great attention to an improvement of quality of services provided. Our specialists have an extensive experience in international trade and production of non-standard industrial equipment, marine structures and other technological equipment. This allows us to implement projects of various complexity in a qualitative and competent manner.


We are a company, which in use of its entire production potential, skills and competencies of all the employees, pursues to provide top quality services at an optimal price in consideration of a customer’s needs and expectations.

Highly skilled specialists are responsible for the project’s smooth process, timely performance and a top quality. Our company is flexible, exceptional and focuses on a customer. We are constantly searching for the most effective solutions in regards to quality, terms and price; therefore, always watch a production market of metal structures. A proactive team, having duly assessed the needs of a customer, implements even the most complex technical tasks in a creative and flexible fashion.


To constantly develop business opportunities, search for new challenges in the markets of Lithuania, Europe and Eastern countries. We seek to establish stable and mutually beneficial business relationships with partners.
We closely analyze each order-project and anticipate possible technical-production based issues. Such standpoint allows us to make the most rational solution for each specific case, allowing to save the customer’s time and reduce the production costs.


AMEKUS – reliable, flexible, open, and focused company in consideration of the national and foreign markets, meeting the customer’s needs and expectations.

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