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VINGĖS LOGISTIKA is a member of corporate group VINGĖS LOGISTICS GROUP. It is the third company of the group that has taken over vast experience and expert knowledge of other companies. Expanding the volumes of services and focussing on their quality, VINGĖS LOGISTIKA has become one of the leading companies in this field, in Lithuania. Logistics and warehousing services within the seaport territory are rather costly, therefore we offer you really favourable pricing conditions even being located close to the seaport.

Warehousing services

•                         long-term and short-term storage of goods in bonded, regular warehouses and Free Zone;

•                         loading / unloading procedures;

•                         detailed stock management;

•                         lot control, expiry date control, FIFO, FEFO;

•                         labeling of goods with excise and control marks, banderols;

•                         weighting, measurement;

•                         packing, preparation of goods for transportation;

•                         sorting and order picking.

Customs services

 Our professional staff provides quality customs brokerage services for companies in Lithuania, Europe, Russia and other CIS countries.


•                         preparation of necessary documents for export, import, transit procedures and representation of customer in customs;

•                         presenting of shipment and documentation for customs formalities;

•                         preparation of bills of lading, permits, certificates;

•                         preparation and presentation of customs appeals.

Complex logistics services - 3PL

•                         logistics solutions and consultations;

•                         storage of goods in bonded and regular warehouse, loading / unloading procedures;

•                         order processing and detailed stock management (WMS), on-line stock reporting;

•                         sorting, marking, labeling of goods with excise and control marks, banderols, weighting, measurement, packing, quality control;

•                         worldwide shipment consolidation (groupage, FTL, sea-freight, air-freight);

•                         order picking, using modern warehouse management system;

•                         preparation of consignments from shipments, consolidated at the warehouse;

•                         execution of trade transactions at bonded warehouse;

•                         distribution network in Baltic States;

•                         final deliveries of goods to customers in CIS countries;

•                         transit shipment flow organizing schemes and specific solutions of customs formalities.

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