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For more than 50 years, VETUS has been an internationally operating developer, manufacturer and trading company, selling marine engines, generators and technical equipment for recreational craft and small commercial vessels. An important part of our philosophy is to offer you innovation through design. We supply almost 4.000 technical products that are mostly designed or partly designed by the VETUS engineering team. We design our products to make your life on your boat easy and enjoyable. Over 70% of our quality VETUS products are partly or completely developed in-house by our own engineers. VETUS products are known for their quality, reliability, easy installation and 3 year warranty.

System thinking

We say we are 'the creators of boat systems'. What does this mean? It's very simple; we not only create innovative technical equipment for your boat, but we make sure that we offer you products that are part of a complete system. So, we not only offer you a toilet, but also all connections, tanks, hoses and other components required to complete the boat's sanitary system. In total we offer you 14 systems; from the engine room to the fly-bridge.


VETUS was founded in 1964 in and has its headquarters in Schiedam, the Netherlands. What is VETUS about:

Innovation is the drive for our 25 engineers

- Our customers need to enjoy boating; we develop products that are easy to install and need as little maintenance as possible

- Subsidiaries in 16 countries and a worldwide distribution and service network

- We are the creators of boat systems; we do not sell products, but complete systems

- Our products are competitively priced

- We have an enthusiastic team and most of us are boaters

Global service and support network

Easy installation

You own a boat to enjoy time on the water. Of course, maintenance of your technical equipment or engine is essential, so VETUS products are designed for easy installation and easy service.

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