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Denmark, DK-5700 Thurø, Denmark Svendborg, Saugskærvej 21,
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Since 1949 Walsteds has been building yachts, carrying out complete refits and maintaining premier vessels with first-class workmanship and high quality.

Since 1949 Walsteds has been building new yachts, carrying out complete refits or maintaining premier vessels for our clients; most of whom have been clients for many years. The reason for this is simple: Both now and then the emphasis for our different projects is first-class workmanship combined with our high standards for quality and good taste.

Our customers and management communicate directly. This fact and the structured progress meetings ensure both partners get the best return on their investment. This feature is a vital part of the quality control which our clients greatly appreciate. It goes without saying that in all departments we only use the best materials to fulfill our clients’ wishes.

A tight cooperation with our subcontractors, who have been with us for many years, ensures that they live up to our strict quality demands when designing and installing electrical, hydraulic or electronic systems.

Shipbuilding started at the present location in 1853. Aage Walsted bought the site in 1949 and has built two hundred boats, mostly sailing yachts. Smaller racing-boats like Dragons and 5.5 meters were among the original repertoire. Since the late fifties Walsteds main trade has been with the construction of larger luxurious cruisers.

The association with the American designers K. Aage Nielsen and later Sparkman & Stephens brought Walsteds in to the eyes of the international sailing community. We have delivered boats to customers all over the world.

With the increasing complexity of boats and materials new skills and know-how have been added to the classical Walsteds expertise in recent years.

Aage Walsted With his background in cabinetry and boatbuilding, Aage Walsted established Walsteds Baadeværft in 1949 at the age of twenty-seven. With just two employees the yard started to produce Junior boats and various dinghies.

It did not take discerning boat owners long to discover the beauty of these well built products; shortly thereafter Dragons and international 5 meter would be under production.

By 1953 Aage Walsted was respected both at home and abroad when fire destroyed the original boatyard. The reconstruction was finished the following year with the ability to accommodate larger yachts.

In December 2006 Aage Walsted decided to retire at the age of eighty-four.

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