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  • Bota Technik Sp. z o.o. spółka komandytowa z siedzibą w Gdańsku

    Poland, ul. Nowy Ś Gdańsk, 80-299
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    The creation of BOTA Technik is a huge effort and determination supported by experience gained over the years. We focused on combining solid theoretical and practical preparation, which is why our employees are graduates of renowned technical universities gaining experience in Polish shipyards, or by working for shipowners (both Polish and foreign).


    Lithuania, 08114 Vilnius, Birutes str. 35
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    Joint Stock Company AVEC is the developer of offshore wind energy projects in Lithuania from 2002 year.

    CHERUB Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

    Poland, 81-533 Gdynia, Orańska 14/1
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    Cherub Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) provides ships service (merchant ships and navy ships and services for offshore sector).

    Climarem sp. z o.o. (PBUCH SA)

    Poland, 81-061 Gdynia, Hutnicza 4
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    The basic task of the PBUCH SA company as a producer of equipment for the maritime market is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and introduce environmentally friendly technologies and products to provide cooling and air conditioning systems in accordance with IMO requirements and the International Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution (MARPOL). Offered cooling devices are designed in accordance with DNV standards for ships with CLEAN DESIGN class record (maximum GWP-1890) and we introduce products that meet the IMO requirements coming into effect on January 1, 2020. PBUCH SA equipment working on alternative refrigerants for the industrial cooling and heat recovery systems.

    Muehlhan Polska Sp. Z o.o.

    Poland, 71-012 Szczecin, Bronowicka 27
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    The Muehlhan Group First choice for Industrial Services Internationally Technical Competence - Operational Efficiency - Environmental Focus