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  • Apartgdynia Sp. z o.o.

    Poland, 81-212` Gdynia, Hutnicza 1a
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    Apartgdynia is an aparthotel prepared for short, medium and long term rent. Each studio is adapted to accommodate guests for long and short term. We have about 180 beds. We have 87 studio apartments, with the possibility of renting for two or one person. We have a room adapted for the disabled, 4 suites and 4 four-person apartments Each studio and public areas have access to the Internet. We have a parking lot with 25 parking spaces with an option of parking the bus.

    DOE Sp. z o.o.

    Poland, 81-015 Gdynia, Sibeliusa 3
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    DOE Sp.z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of Marine Fresh Water Distribution Systems and supplies shipyards from all around the world. One of DOE's particular strengths is to develop solutions for problems in fresh and technical water production, treatment, heating and handling. DOE offers certified water and air tanks, marine hydrophores, electric or steam heaters, reverse osmosis water makers, marine UV disinfection units, water preparation skids, pre and post filtration systems as well as high pressure cleaners and low voltage marine transformers. DOE specialises in the delivery of high-quality equipment for all kinds of vessels. Most of DOE’s products are custom made to accommodate specific customer needs in terms of capacity, material, accessories, etc.. For almost 30 years DOE Sp. z o.o has also supplied vessels with spare parts fulfilling any requirement - original , OEM or high quality replacement.

    Andrew Frost Solutions

    Poland, 80-718 Gdańsk, Tarcice 14
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    Andrew Frost Solutions is a distributor of wireless intelligent monitoring systems. Serves both small and individual customers, yachts&boat owners, charters companies as well as large, multi-site and global marinas and local harbors. We are the recommended distributor of the following companies: GreenParrot, Xeelas, Hongdian, Aranet, Miratag, Kelvyn GmbH, TakeTask, Sigfox and IdriveGlobal. In Poland, we are the exclusive partner of Sense4Boat, MarinaCloud, Marina Jacht Gdańsk and Sailing Factory.