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  • Stocznia Wisła sp. z o.o.

    Poland, 80-643 Gdańsk, Przełom 21
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    Stocznia Wisla is the producer of ships and ships modules, specializes in the design and production of modern vessels, including fishing vessels, special purpose vessels and training and research vessels. The specialization of the Shipyard is the construction of fishing vessels, training and research vessels and small passenger ships. In Stocznia Wisła, over 150 vessels of various types and purposes have been built for clients in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Shipyard has unique know-how and achievements in the design and construction of vessels suitable to work in tropical waters.

    CRIST S.A.

    Poland, 81-336 Gdynia, Czechosłowacka 3
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    RIST is a leading shipyard on the European market. Shipbuilding and maritime constructions are our specialty. We are one of the leaders in the offshore sector. We are successfully performing more and more advanced projects. We have delivered such vessels as the Heavy Maintenance Vessel "VIDAR", the Heavy Lift Jack - Up Vessel "INNOVATION" and the Jack-up Barge "THOR". For more than 2 decades we unite innovativeness with experience.

    Phoenix Poland Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

    Poland, 71-425 Szczecin, ul. Lutniana 14
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    Phoenix Poland is based in Szczecin providing the following services worldwide: ME and AE repairs and overhauls ME and AE troubleshooting/diagnostic services Marine Engines Technical Management Workshop servicing at our facilities in Szczecin/Singapore Electric/electronic servicing and troubleshooting services Spare parts Vessel inspection Welding services by class certified fitters for pipes, tanks and other areas of the ship Pre-docking inspection Docking Survey Insurance Ship / Machinery / Hull Damage Repair Superintendence Full condition surveys and ON/OFF hire surveys

    CHERUB Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

    Poland, 81-533 Gdynia, Orańska 14/1
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    Cherub Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) provides ships service (merchant ships and navy ships and services for offshore sector).

    Climarem sp. z o.o. (PBUCH SA)

    Poland, 81-061 Gdynia, Hutnicza 4
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    The basic task of the PBUCH SA company as a producer of equipment for the maritime market is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and introduce environmentally friendly technologies and products to provide cooling and air conditioning systems in accordance with IMO requirements and the International Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution (MARPOL). Offered cooling devices are designed in accordance with DNV standards for ships with CLEAN DESIGN class record (maximum GWP-1890) and we introduce products that meet the IMO requirements coming into effect on January 1, 2020. PBUCH SA equipment working on alternative refrigerants for the industrial cooling and heat recovery systems.